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Agendashift Transformation Workshops from Aptile

Are you just getting started on your Agile journey or Digital Transformation? Or perhaps you have been working to some Agile process for some time, but been frustrated at the pace of improvement?

A clear and widely understood vision is key to a successful transformation, but how should you start?

Agendashift Transformation Workshops provide tested tools to enable you to collaborate throughout your organisation to build and share a deeply understood purpose, with support and engagement at all levels. Raise your ambition from selling your vision to collaboratively discovering the shared vision of your whole company or department. Further, Agendashift allows you to do this alongside making safe and measureable plans for change.

Raise your ambitions for process improvement using the proven tools of the Agendashift Transformation Workshop. The carefully sequenced activities of the workshop will lead you and your teams through setting suitably ambitious goals together, to putting in place a process of continuous transformation.

The resulting shared understanding and ownership of outcomes breathes life and purpose in to the practices of frameworks like Scrum or Kanban. Get in touch to talk about this engaging and low overhead way to collaborate with your teams to find meaningful new ways to work together.